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Mission and Features

TURGEN SYSTEM is a versatile utility that allows you to:

Download Turgen System Infographics to see what TURGEN SYSTEM has to offer.

Primary Features

Auxiliary Features

Support for Standard Tape Records

Standard tape records and unmodified data recorders are fully supported. Tape images with baud, data, and fsk chunks can be read by the Tape image plugin.
Monolithic binary files, segmented binary files, BASIC files, and plain data files can be converted to standard tape records by the Standard plugin.

Technical Information

System Requirements

Supported Devices

Data recorders with or without turbo upgrades, data recorder replacement devices, compact cassettes, cassette adapters, MEGA-CD interface (CD-LINK), SIO2PC, ATART.

Suppored Turbo Systems and Tape Image Chunks

Czechoslovak or Czech

Turbo 2000, Turbo 2000 - Kilobyte Blocks, Super Turbo, B-TAPE (and compatible TURBO TAPE)


KSO Turbo 2000, Turbo Blizzard, Turbo ROM, Atari Super Turbo, Unerring Master Atari Turbo System, Hard Turbo, Lower Silesian Turbo 2000

Other Systems

Rambit Turbo Tape (UK), Turbo 6000 (GDR), Omicron Turbo that provides unifying file formats and loaders compatible with large number of turbo upgrades

Tape image chunks

FUJI, baud, data, fsk, pwmX (used by A8CAS and a8cas-util), trXX (used by ATART and CAS COM)

Transfer Speed

Data recorder with a turbo upgrade typically allows transfer speed from 2200 to 6000 bd.
With unmodified data recorder, you are limited to 600 - 800 bd and standard tape records.

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Project news are available at project blog.


Before downloading, check whether you have installed Java Runtime Environment 1.6.0 or newer. Download latest JRE from Orcacle's website.

Download Turgen System

All released files are availabe at download area.

Download Turgen System