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TURGEN SYSTEM - YouTube Channel
YouTube channel

TURGEN SYSTEM - YouTube - Presentation at Bytefest 2016 (Czech)
YouTube video


Copying files to tapes using data recorder and cassette adapter (Czech)
Article at

Creating tapes with Atari software using Turgen System and an ordinary cassette recorder (Czech)
Article at

Batch processing with Turgen System (Czech)
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Note: A good translation of these tutorials to English can be achieved with Google Translate.

Turbo 2000 - Upgrading Atari XC12 Data Recorder
Step-by-step description of the upgrade (English): Turbo2000_Upgrade.pdf
Step-by-step description of the upgrade (Czech): Turbo2000_Upgrade_cs.pdf

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A8CAS - software for reading/writing Atari 8-bit cassettes - the utility for manipulating 8-bit Atari tape images

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Legacy CAS2WAV and XEX2CAS utilities

Portals and Software Archives

Site hosts large archive of software in form of binary files.

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Czechoslovak Atari portal

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