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Turgen System is accompanied with several small utilities that will improve your experience when transferring games to your Atari computer, creating tapes or tape images, copying files, or programming your own tape loaders.


XEX2CAS is a command-line utility that converts DOS 2 binary files and other files to tape images

Notable features in the newest version

Visual XEX2CAS

Visual XEX2CAS is a very simple .NET 4.0-based GUI application that converts DOS 2 Binary files to standard tape records.


DOS 2 Binary File Checker (D2BFC)

This Java 7 application allows you to check and sort whole directory trees of DOS 2 binary files. D2BFC detects the following flavors of binary files:

Files of given flavor or flavors can be copied to separate directories.

Cassette Loaders

Download and explore assembler source code of various turbo loaders or loader skeletons. The sources can be assembled using the ATASM cross-assembler. Shell scripts that execute the assembler are included.

Cassette Copiers

The package contains special copiers with source code included.